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Functions of laid-open information
  • Preventing others from obtaining an IP right of it,
  • Opposing to a bad-faith infringement accusation.
Functions of non-laid-open trade secret information
  • Preserving the trade secret evidence,
  • Proving the ownership of the trade secret information,
  • Defending in a trade secret infringement accusation,
  • Helping prove prior use right,
  • Opposing to application of punitive damages in IP litigation.
Info Preservation

Function of notarization of information

Because of the changeability of an E-information, the Chinese judicial authorities seldom support non-notarized electronic evidence, hence notarization of an E-evidence is common in litigation practice. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the website-preserved evidence, we shall applay for the notarization by Chinese official notary office. After notarization:

  • the E-info-evidence is strengthened;
  • its proving power is enhanced;
  • its contents is fixed;
  • its creation time is fixed.


Procedures of information preservation

  • Log on our website,
  • Click the information preservation button,
  • Following the steps guided by every page, to fill in relevant information, please be sure to provide the real and valid contact information so that we can reach you just in case of necessity.
  • When your information meets the requirement after our checking, we shall send you the bill covering the official notarization fee and our service fee.
  • After your payment, we shall publish the laid-open information on our website.
  • We shall go for notarization soon after publication.
  • For non-laid-open information, we shall go for notarization without publication.
  • For non-laid-open information, we shall apply extra security measures after notarization.
  • We shall send the notarization document to you by mail after it is issued.

Recent Laid-open Information

Serial Number title publication date
[WA2019000001] 特許出願明細書:ビタミンE含有油性組成物 2019-01-11
[WA2015000041] ニチバン株式会社製品カタログ2015.12 2015-12-21
[WA2015000039] 乳酸菌の寄託書類一式 2015-12-21
[WA2015000038] MXDA技術資料など 2015-11-12
[WA2015000037] FH-300こて台_公証用資料 2015-10-28
[WA2015000036] 遠心機、及び包括容器 2015-09-06
[WA2015000035] 配合経腸用液に関する資料1 2015-09-06
[WA2015000027] 遠心機、及び収納容器 2015-06-08
[WA2015000001] キトー カタログ 2015-05-12
[WA2014000004] 軽量化技術展 2014-02-12
All Information Download to Notarize
  • 日本技術貿易株式会社
  • CKD Corporation
  • アイシン精機株式会社
  • 株式会社明治 Meiji Co., Ltd.
  • 高周波熱錬株式会社
  • (株)岡村製作所
  • 株式会社三和化学研究所
  • 富士重工业株式会社
  • テルモ株式会社